GR Summer Jobs Journal '12

See how Grand Rapids area youth are spending their summer!

Cheers of Jubilee

on August 20, 2012

Adell Arndt, a Jubilee Jobs Summer worker, talks enthusiastically about her experience.

Checkout what three Jubilee Jobs employees had to say about their Summer Job experience.

“My favorite part about the program was the employability academy,” said Adell Arndt. “Dress for success was very helpful for me. The classroom dress code made me learn to be responsible for my appearance in class and on my work site. I also learned a lot on my work experience. At the Library, I learned that organization is a great responsibility and that it is very time consuming.  Also, when working with the public you have to be very polite and friendly.”

“While working with Jubilee Jobs, I enjoyed going on field trips, especially the trip to Craig Cruisers.  I had never been there before and was surprised to see how large it was.  The activities were fun and the food was really good.”

“The Staff at Jubilee Jobs were really nice.  I really liked Ms. Nicky, Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. Ruth and Mrs. Cheryl. Each one of them challenged me to strive for higher heights.”


“The employability academy prepared us for work.” – Taylor Arndt

Taylor Arndt’s work assignment was at Westminister Meadows. “I really liked working there. The staff really liked me. They also made sure I was learning how to do new things and improve my skills. I thought painting was easy but they taught me how to do it correctly which involved me taking my time, taping boards and putting something on floors. I never really have to clean a lot at home, other than my bedroom, so I didn’t know how to clean anything like a janitor does.  They taught me how to sanitize and clean bathrooms with different chemicals.  I stayed very busy working this summer.”

The employability academy at Jubilee prepared youth for work. “During the class we learned how to act at work. The instructors showed us what not to do and how to continue to work safely and avoid unnecessary accidents. One of the activities we played in class showed us how to work as a team. They first split us into two groups. Then they made a pond out of rope and placed index cards with numbers in the middle out of order. The instructor then gave each team five minutes to discuss a strategy to touch each number without talking. This was really hard but when we put both teams to gather it was easy and fun.”

“I learned a lot this summer at Jubilee Jobs and would like to come back next year if I can. Thanks to the staff there, I now know how to manage my time and how to follow directions.”


“What really caught me, during the training, was that our leader taught self-esteem and goal setting for the future.” – Jaqueia Sewell

Meet Jaqueia Sewell. “My work site was at Jubilee Jobs as an assistant to the administrative assistant. Working at Jubilee made me think about future employment and how important it is to have a good job. I really like the work that is being done at Jubilee Jobs. I enjoyed the different projects I was given by different staff members. I had to help a lot of people who came to Jubilee looking for help finding a job. This made think about how hard it is to find employment, so I really didn’t want to leave my job when my assignment was over. I wanted to continue my employment at Jubilee Jobs, so I asked if I could volunteer some times.”

“The employability academy was really fun. The instructor showed us how to dress for success and what professional appearance should look like. In class we learned a lot through interaction with other students about time management and team building skills. The instructor gave us examples of what the real work world was like to prepare us for our work assignment. What really caught me is that she taught self-esteem and goal setting for the future.”

“I would definitely like to participate at Jubilee Jobs again next year.  The Staff were very nice and helpful to me. While training to do different tasks on the job, I noticed how patient the staff was with me and that made me happy.”


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