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Urban Fellows take on Health

on August 7, 2012

These images are posters created by the Urban Fellows at Grand Rapids Urban League. The Urban Fellows are made up of 15 young men who have worked throughout this summer on ways to market, advertise and implement the Governor’s 4X4 health plan to their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

The posters were unveiled to members of the community during a luncheon at the Goei Center. The lunch was in honor of the Urban Fellows and the accomplishments they gained through their summer employment, sponsored in part by the W. K. Kellogg Youth Employment grant.

For these young men, health is more than just a word, it is a way of life. “Health is the foundation to success,” said group leader Bryan McKissack. “We need good health of our minds, our bodies and our spirits.”

The different posters were created in small groups where the Urban Fellows had to work together, compromise, plan, build their strategy and implement their take on the 4X4 plan. Throughout the summer the group took field trips to places like Ferris State University, Davenport University, GRCC, WOOD TV8 and more.

Lita, a mother of one of the 15 young men said, “My son has learned so much about responsibility while in this program. All of the young man have grown so much. My son is walking with more stature, you can see how much pride he has in himself, and it is great for me to see that come out of him.”

Having goals in life was a topic talked about by the Urban League presenters. “A lot of parents don’t know what to say when their son says, ‘I want to be a professional athlete,'” explained McKissack. “But I hear, ‘I want to go to college,’ because you can’t get to that level of play unless you go to college.”

For more information on Urban Fellows, click here.


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